Sunday, February 12, 2006

Crochet Olympics

I just joined the 2006 Crochet Olympics-I'll be making the Bernat Frenzy Cardigan in Homespun instead of Frenzy, because that's what I had and needed to use, and I have no money for yarn right now. Poor Jenn, lol!

Anyway, I'll be taking a break from designing until the Olympics is over, except for mailing out some completed patterns. They're very pretty, and I hope the editors think so, too!

Ian and I cleaned yarn yesterday. What had happened was I had stored my yarn in the basement (first mistake), in a cupboard (second mistake) that apparently leaked. A lot. (last, and biggest mistake.) So the labels on the yarn just disintegrated, and the plaster on the back wall of the cupboard got stuck to the yarn, and some of the yarn actually got moldy. But all was not lost, even though there were also spiders. We bought one of those lint brushes, not the sticky kind, but the kind that feels like it has velcro on it, and started brushing that yarn. It worked really well. Then we went upstairs with the yarn and sprayed it liberally with Febreze. That took care of most of the yarn, and the yarn that was still stained or otherwise in need of cleaning is now in panty hose, awaiting the washing machine. Don't worry, most of my yarn is acrylic or acrylic-blend, so it won't felt or become otherwise damaged. I've got my yarn back!!! Yay!

Also, with the way I've been losing weight (3 pant sizes in 4 months), I've decided to start making sweaters in the size I'll probably end up (about a 16 American), or XL. So things won't be too small, and they won't be too big either.


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