Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another Pattern

I've decided to start designing patterns to sell to magazines and such. In the meantime, here's a pattern I came up with last week. I'm going to submit it to the Crochet Pattern-A-Day calendar, but not for awhile, so here it is:

Crochet Pocketbook Slippers

NOTE: These fit my size 9 feet. If your feet are larger, you may wish to add a few rows to the sole. If you do so, be sure that the first row of the Side is an even number of single crochet.

SECOND NOTE: Here's a slightly larger version. Work it the same as below, except: Make 30 rows for the sole, and on the second row of the sides, sc2tog twice on both ends of the row.

worsted weight yarn, 3 oz.
"G"/4.25mm hook

Make two.

Row 1: Chain 23. Single crochet (sc) in back loop only (BLO) in second chain from hook and in each chain across. Chain 1, turn. (22 sc)

Row 2: Sc in BLO of each stitch across, chain 1, turn.

Row 3-25: Repeat Row 2. At the end of Row 25, do not turn work.

Side 1:
Row 1: Chain 1, sc in end of each row of sole, 2 sc in last row. (26 sc). Chain 1, turn.

Row 2: Sc2tog through BLO across. (13 sc). Chain 1, turn.

Row 3-5: Sc2tog through BLO, sc through BLO across to last to sc, sc2tog through BLO.

Row 6-9: Sc through BLO across remaining 5 stitches. Chain 1, turn. At end of Row 9, do not chain 1. Fasten off.

Side 2:
As for Side 1 on unused side of sole.

Sew up ends of sole. Sew tops of straps together. Weave in ends.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Here's a pattern for you-fingerless mitts designed for web-surfing. I find that on most mitt patterns, the fleshy part where the thumb meets the hand is covered, making it difficult to get a grip on the mouse, so I made a bigger thumb hole.

Women's or Men's Wristwarmers

Women's Average. Men's in ().
Hook: I Yarn: worsted weight
Row 1: Chain 20 (23). Double Crochet in fourth chain from hook and each chain across. 18 (21) dc. Chain 3, turn.
Row 2: DC in each dc across, chain 3, turn.
Row 3: Repeat Row 2.
Row 4: DC in next 3 (4) stitches. Chain 6 (7), skip 6 (7) stitches, dc in remaining stitches across. Chain 3, turn.
Rows 5-10 (5-13): Work 6 (9) more rows like Row 2. At end of last row, do NOT chain 3.
Joining Row: Chain 1, turn. Fold wristwarmer in half, so bottom of first row and top of last row are together. Working through both thicknesses, slip stitch through top loops of last row and bottom lop of first row across, as shown in picture below. *Make sure you get the bottom/top of the chain 3 at the end!*

Happy Crocheting!