Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm thinking about seeing if I can work with my BIL to get a blankets for unadopted animals project started at HELP the Animals. I know they take donations for a particular type of bed for the dogs, but I didn't see anything on their website about blankets for cats or dogs, and, having volunteered there in the past, I know those cages are uncomfortable for the critters.
I've got lots of projects going, especially since it's gotten much colder. Fortunately, most of them are already mostly done. Mitered mittens, which just need a few more squares, thumbs, and an edging, and whoooole lot of ends woven in, a very-cold-weather scarf that I just started, a pair of gloves for my FIL, etc.

And for Anonymous, who left the lovely post on my last entry (now deleted because I don't like dross in my blog): if you leave another comment, which is fine, at least have the balls to leave a name I can contact you at instead of hiding behind anonymity, which is quite possibly the most cowardly thing to do if you're trying to condemn someone's medical decisions. And give a fucking reason as to *why* you feel I shouldn't take my meds, ok? I'd be more than happy to have an intelligent discussion with you (assuming you have enough brain power) pertaining to your opinions on modern psychiatric treatment for non-psychotic mental disorders, although I should warn you right now, you're not going to change my mind - I'd just like to open yours. Please excuse my annoyance - close-minded medieval approaches to mental health just get on my nerves, as do random attacks on people. What's the point? Do you really feel so low about yourself that you stalk the internet late at night searching for someone you feel is somehow "less" than you to put down? Because it doesn't work. It just makes people angry. And someday, if you ever work up the balls/ovaries to say something to somebody in person, which I highly doubt you will, you'll probably get the shit stomped out of you, and you'll deserve it.

By the way, Anonymous, you said you were from Columbus, too, which you would say only if you knew me or had been reading my blog, since I've moved. Either way you would know my mother died in August. You are a true piece of work for suggesting I go off the medications that have kept me from killing myself since my mother died. Congratulations to your parents, I'm sure they're proud of you, and truly ashamed to have given birth to such a lovely cockroach...I mean human being.


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